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Logistics/Embarkation Specialist MOS, Basic Landing Support. Specialist MOS Amphibious Ship Load Planner’s (MDI7). Introduction to Amphibious Embarkation (MCI ). Correspondence Procedures (MCI K). Marine Corps Publications and Directives System (MCI B). , Is the Mobility Officer () or Embarkation Officer (non ) assigned Joint Pub Amphibious Embarkation and Debarkation?.

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Limited Washdown A limited washdown amphibioys be conducted on vehicles and equipment that had minimum exposure to the environment during operations and where such exposure would be harmless from the standpoint of agricultural or public health concerns. Because of limited facilities and messing and berthing capacity, most Military Sealift Command ships are restricted in the number of personnel who can accompany the embarked vehicles and equipment load.

Preparing supplies and amphbiious for movement by all transportation modes. The following reports are critical to this effort: Zmphibious and Border Protection Inspections When redeploying, cleaning equipment and conducting an agriculture inspection overseas do not preclude a CBP plant protection and quarantine program inspection upon return embadkation CONUS.

A white disk identifies cargo that is hold-stowed on the ship on which the owning unit is embarked; however, that cargo does not have to be readily accessible during the ship s transit. Prior to the presentation of the aircraft load for joint inspection, the following items should be prepared: This capability gives the Marine Corps the ability to operate in developed and underdeveloped areas of the world.

Unit Embarkation Handbook

Coordinating the execution of the landing plan in concert with the LF embarkation officer, appropriate staff officers, and department heads. Medical Support Medical support should be coordinated with embarking unit aid stations.

Budgets and provides funds for the temporary additional duty nonunit-related personnel of inspection teams for contingency operations and training exercises. Upon final inspection, material from mobile loads is reloaded aboard vehicles and the clean vehicles and supplies are re-embarked.


If lighting is not available but required, then requests for floodlight sets should be submitted. The TUCHA is a file that gives standard planning data and movement characteristics for personnel, cargo, and accompanying supplies associated with deployable type units of fixed composition. In this case, the unit cannot Table Receive loads at POD and move to final destination embarkation and logistic sections. Rear suspension A-frame pivot points and drain holes.

Underside access areas Fender wells front and rear including access openings for tail light wiring. Delay amphobious vary by geographic location and company. This technology introduces information system efficiencies through the use of enabling technology and standards. Preparing the complete unit embarkation plan for approval by the MSE commander.

Unit Embarkation Handbook – PDF

Check engines, fuel lines, and mobile-loaded fuel cans for leaks. Together, the SLCP and troop regulations provide important capabilities and constraints to be considered prior to detailed planning.

Basic information, embsrkation data, and knowledge of planning and embarkatiin procedures are required to register accurately a unit s airlift requirements through airlift requests to HHQs for contingency or scheduled exercise planning. Create MSLs and affix them embagkation all cargo and equipment. Determine if cots; sleeping bags; meals, ready to eat MREs ; water; and heads are required.

To assist in preparing further agriculture inspections, planners work with embarkation personnel to isolate material that was not exposed to contamination and verify it as such. Advising team embarkation officers TEOs in the loading plans preparation. This measurement in cubic feet is used to compute the space available for general cargo.

Exceeding the contracted time will increase costs, as buses are typically ordered by the hour. Exercising staff cognizance over embarkation policy, procedures, training, and inspections.


Embarkation Officer Marine Corps MOS 0430 U.S.M.C Military Decal

The embarkation representative would ensure that a DD Form is completed and attached to the safe to track it. To ensure all vehicles are prepared for embarkation, the following tasks must be accomplished: Level IV detail is expressed as the number of passengers and individual dimensional data expressed in length, width, and height in inches of cargo by equipment type by ULN. Transport element embarkation officer Not applicable The transport element embarkation officer does not have a Navy counterpart.

All boxes, such as publications, computer, and supplies, are to be marked, incorporated into the garrison UDL, and made ready for movement.

Request Procedures Request procedures require planners to consider the lead time necessary to make requests as well as the related time constraints.

Additional Transportation Working Capital Fund information. The unit embarkation officer will ensure that adequate quantities of standard embarkation boxes and serviceable crates, pallets, and containers are on hand for unit deployments as well as sufficient quantities of dunnage, shoring, banding material, and banding accessories to properly configure embarkation containers and pallet loads. This reference prohibits the redeployment of vehicles and cargo from a foreign country unless they are free of animal, pest, and soil contamination.

Depending on the hazard being shipped, some HAZMAT cannot be transported on aircraft with passengers onboard, so the documentation would have the Cargo Aircraft Only annotation where required.

If length and width are entered, the system will calculate the square feet.