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Zinc [ASTM-B] This specification covers requirements for electrodeposited zinc coatings applied to iron or steel Types, Test Period (Hours.) II, III, Designation: B − Standard . chaser shall state ASTM B, the date of issue, service . Corrosion Resistance—Zinc coatings with Types II, III. Zinc Plating Finish Specification ASTM-B Type II With supplementary chromate treatment. Type III With supplementary colorless chromate treatment.

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Zinc Plating: ASTM B Type II vs. III

For corrosion protection Grade A: Yype is gray white in plated condition. Numeral indicates thickness in micrometers. Minimum weight Type II coatings. III zinc plating An ongoing discussion from through The type of passivation is determined according to the required characteristics, and is divided into groups:. For steels containing large amounts 0. Also, I found out that the casting is painted after plating.

That seems a bit discretional to me. All parts with ultimate tensile strength M. Try using an acid zinc chloride bath and see if the casting covers. You can get the same finish only for blue and black hex chrome with tri substitutes, but not for yellow or olive as of yet.


The coating is made according to demand, where the distribution is as follows: So if I’m interpreting this correct, there is both a color difference and a salt spray difference. Please forgive any resultant repetition or failures of chronological order. Tin is not good for low temperature applications changes structure and loses adhesion when exposed to temperatures below degrees C. Until a very few years ago chromate conversion coatings were based on hexavalent chromium, and deposited a thick film that was relatively easy to dye.

Ray Kremer Stellar Solutions, Inc.

ASTM B-633 Type II vs. III zinc plating

Our barrel, station line enables us to process thousands of pounds of material every day. Mark Hollenbeck alloys – Muskegon, Michigan A. The black layer has also additional target —prevention of light reflection from the part and is used for optical parts.

At Professional Plating we are fully committed to meeting your needs for fine quality plating and prompt service. To minimize your searching efforts and to offer multiple viewpoints, we’ve combined some threads into the dialog you’re viewing. Yellow chromate should get 96 hrs axtm-b633 failure.

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Our Barrel Plating line is fully automated and digitally controlled with special programs, and individual recipes to manage cleaning, plating, and chromating operations.

Put the chromate on light. Rest in peace, Ken. Regarding the question asked in letter ; Type II zinc plating vs. The rust not only harms the aesthetically smooth look, but also its mechanic needs.

Aluminum with low alloying elements will show practically no color change. With colored chromate conversion coatings; Type III: Yellow-iridescent Black Olive Green.

Thank you for your hard work which the finishing world continues to benefit from. Thus, hardness can range from Vickers. Soft, but is very ductile. To calculate it is very difficult, as the plating is a few molecules thick.

August 31, A. It still will have Hex Chrome. To prevent formation of case during.