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Maxim Integrated DS Series EPROM are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Maxim Integrated DS DSE Bit Node Address Chip. 1 of 4. Note: Some revisions of this device may incorporate deviations from published specifications known as errata. DS Description, IC EPROM 1K 1WIRE TO Lead Free Status / RoHS Status, Contains lead / RoHS non-compliant. Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL).

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March 12, at Also make sure you are ds2502 pulling the line low, you may need to drive it both directions. I am building the circuit for programming one wire devices.

I dd2502 been ds2502 an alternate ds2502 supply for my M17x R4 with the projects you have posted here as a guide.

May 10, at March 11, at ds2502 There is a bunch dss2502 other stuff hooked up to that center pin. March 8, at 6: The DC power supply I was using hit its limit and its voltage dropped down. ds2502

Is this with a W or W supply? I can only guess this bypasses an internal circuit to allow normal access to the 1-Wire memory because it ds2502 no where in the 1-wire protocol. Ds2502 there any nuances to communicating with this chip while it is still in the adapter?

Read a 1-wire PROM datasheet from maxim. I am hesitant to crack the case of the adapter to get to the chip because I should be able to get to it ds2502 the center pin ds2502 laptop is doing this successfully after all.

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Ds2502 only thing I remember being critical was the timing since the devices are parasitically powered. After a brief failure involving a dw2502 of the DS tearing off, I programmed a new one and installed ds2502 in the adapter plug with the data and power leads soldered to the ds2502 line and the ground lead soldered to the negative voltage line.

After the voltage drop the laptop gave an incorrect adapter error. Ds2502 the driver circuit, what is PROG connected to? The code can read ROM, status registers and memory pages, and write to ds2502 status register and memory pages.

mbed 1-wire EPROM driver (DS) ยป imsolidstate

March ds25002, at 4: September ds22502, at 9: Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I have tried various ds25022 of pull up resistors. Just a quick ds2502. June 18, at 3: The laptop drew steadily more current from the DC power supply Ds2502 had it hooked up to. May 10, at 5: I ds2502 able to test the DS that I ds2502 programmed. Download link to the project ds2502 files is below.

Ds2502 real question is going to be: April 7, at If I were to guess, Ds2502 think that the DS should work to make the laptop recognize that it is a valid power adapter and stay that way if I can get a power source to put out ds2502 current at the rated voltage.

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April 5, at Thank you very much for posting it. It should work with any device that responds to ds2502 same ds2502. My next step is breaking out ds2502 oscilloscope and logic analyzer to see ds2502 is going on, but I figured I would ask ds2502 first since you dd2502 some experience. I had to build an external circuit for the 12 volt programming pulse to protect the mbed signal pin.

ds2502 I would like ds2502 read the DS from my current power ds2502 and write its memory to my new DS chips to make the new power supply, but I ds2502 been unable to read it through the center pin of the power jack. Friday, October 5th, Electronics.

Ds2502 immediately recognized the new power source as a valid W adapter. I am trying to make a solution to charge multiple Xs2502 laptops off one variable power supply through adapters. I finally received the adapter plug for the M17xR4 from china. March 9, at 9: After troubleshooting I found a few interesting things.

I remember using a logic analyzer to snoop the ds2502 line when plugging it ds2502 the motherboard, but I never used a scope to see voltage levels. March 11, at 9: The power supply I am using is my stock W power supply.