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This category is for Jedi holocrons. Great Holocron/Legends; Jedi holocron; Kanan Jarrus’ holocron; Tedryn Holocron; Asli Krimsan’s holocron; Great. The Great Jedi Holocron. 8 any), because kids go on their own, regardless, and a spiritual path is not something that is standing outside you allowing you to peer. This book was quite expansive, nearly pages. It is a training manual for the Jedi Realist and it includes journal posts from Jedi Websites.

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Wary of the artifact falling into the wrong hands, Ji kept it close, but safely hidden, on the recently discovered world of New Tython. Sensing he had come as far as he grfat with his quest, the young Jedi handed the Holocron to the leader of the House. During the time of the Republic, countless holocrons were stored on Coruscant; after the Holocrkn purge, however, they became scarce remnants of an era long gone.

Great Holocron

Some of the stories and journals submitted are as follows:. In times when the need of combat arose, the Jedi Master was able to imbue the staff with the power of the Forcewhereupon the cane served the Krevaaki in lieu of a lightsaber.

The longevity of his race allowed Odan-Urr to live through a great deal of history, and his lifelong obsession had been to catelogue and protect that history. Unlike other such Holocrons, which freely gave information should the powers of the holder be sufficient, the Holocron of Antiquities featured a unique, almost labyrinthine web of puzzles that needed to be solved one at a time to unlock its knowledge.

To complete this trial, the young Jedi abandoned the Academy to begin his search for the one deserving of Odan-Urr’s legacy. Not only was information on the Holocron lacking, but the potential artifacts discussed in the Holocron were catalogued over years ago making the possibility that some have been found or destroyed highly likely. Having heard tails of Odan-Urr’s Holocron, many of the young Jedi made a game out of seeking out that powerful artifact during their free time, in hopes of earning favor with the Grand Master of the Order.

Hologram Experience — A follow-up to the popular Force Trainer, which enabled fans of all ages to move and control an object with the power of their mind using real brainwave technology, Hologram Experience will let fans control holograms of some of the most memorable scenes from the Star Wars films. Legend tells that these crystals can be used to create a lightsaber blade that can not be seen by the naked eye. When Ahsoka is taken off active duty and charged with guarding the Jedi Archives, Jocasta Nu shows her the entrance to one of the most restricted areas of the temple: Before his death at the hands of Exar Kun on Ossushe created a special Holocron with information on several of these relics, which were believed to be hidden across the Galaxy to prevent the Sith from obtaining their power.


This knowledge too was placed into the holocron before Odan-Urr’s own death in the hopes someone, someday, would start searching the artifact and again mend it together to use it against the foes of the Jedi once more. Following the rise of the Galactic Empirethe Great Holocron was lost, probably captured by the st Legion troopers in the assault on the Jedi Temple during Order Just mix together a liquid solution and watch it crystallize and grow over time into a real crystal, just like the kind Jedi use to complete building their own lightsabers.

The Great Holocron was an ancient, dodecahedral holocron.

This left the Jedi with little choice but to expand his search to the galaxy. The bounty hunter Cad Baneunder the employ of the Sith Lord Darth Sidious[1] captured Ropal and acquired the Kyber crystal [7] after previously stealing a holocron from the Jedi temple. Crystals capable of making ultraviolet blades nolocron rare enough that certain Elders of the Brotherhood would handsomely reward anyone who could retrieve one for them.

I see the contestants are making their way out onto the starting grid. Before his death, he created the Chhu-Gon Dar cube to aid future Force-users in duplicating this feat.

Best of all, you can help fill the Holocron with knowledge. The Clone Warsbounty hunter Cad Bane once stole a Jedi Holocron — a mystical cube-like artifact containing knowledge and data — right from the Jedi Temple. On a desolate part of the planet Lyran IV can be found the entrance to a cavern. Though Ossus had once been his home and the resting place of many ancient Jedi artifacts, it held no clues as to who Odan-Urr would want to continue his mission.

He imbued within it his own personality as the gate-keeper, as well as his notes, thoughts, and any information he had obtained about certain holocton. Holocrons are ancient repositories of knowledge and wisdom that can only be accessed by those skilled in the Force.

Force push with the Jedi Training Rod. Holicron fallen Jedi confronted the Jedi Master and Odan-Urr thought his worst fears were realized as Kun began to question him.

Then, Force pull using just your hands! greah

The Holocron of Antiquities. Leaving subtle clues as to how to unearth the Holocron spread throughout the Library and its surrounding area, Odan-Urr felt confident that his creation would be holocronn, and only found by someone with the desire and respect for ancient artifacts that he himself possessed.

However, these manuscripts survived, a historical record that, if discovered, could release a new plague of unimaginable horrors on the Galaxy. It became vital to him that the Holocron of Antiquities not be lost, or worse, fall into enemy hands. Holocrons could only be opened by using the Force.

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During the events of the Yuuzhan Vong War when the Hoolocron Jedi Order re-discovered and founded a new training academy on Ossus, deciphering the clues and finding this mythical Holocron became a game for young Knights wanting to prove themselves to their masters. Retrieved from ” http: The Great Holocron also included discussions on the dark side of the Force and methods to nedi its call.

Please upgrade your browser to experience the site. To penetrate the deepest mysteries, to obtain the most powerful secrets, one had breat be gifted enough to understand the complexities of Odan-Urr’s puzzles. Neutral alignment, protected by riddle.

Fearing that the artifact could be lost, the Holocron was hidden in a secure location on New Tython that was hoped to remain unmolested by any Dark Jedi attackers. It contained vast amounts of information that was accessible to any Force-sensitive being willing to open itself to the holocron, and Jedi trainees were encouraged to explore its contents. Jedi Master Odan-Urr jfdi had sensed the death of Baas through the Forcefound a way, through meditation, to single out where the broken parts of the quarterstaff had been abandoned.

Captured shortly before the outbreak of the Great Sith War, these ancient manuscripts detailed the creation of various Sithspawntwisted aberrations created by manipulationg living creatures with Sith Alchemy. Sign In Don’t have an account? The staff was destroyed in jedu same battle as the former Student of Baas, Exar Kunkilled the Krevaaki with a vicious overhand strike from his double-bladed lightsaber.

Star Wars Science Jedi Holocron and More Coming from Uncle Milton |

Despite its ease of access, consumption of its manifold holoceon was thought to be impossible—even Master Yoda was thought, by Archives Director Jocasta Nuto still struggle with its depth. The Holocron was capable of projecting images in both small, hand-sized models and images large enough to fill an entire room.

By chance, a young initiate stumbled across the secret when he became separated from his friends during one of their fruitless quests for the artifact. Through his discovery and study of an ancient Sith Holocronas well as the many Jedi Holocrons in his keeping, Odan-Urr eventually discovered a way to create Holocrons himself.

The Great Jedi Holocron – By Adam Yaw

Includes three different targets and a Jedi Training Rod with real static electricity generator inside. The Jedi Order kept holocrons containing centuries of lore secured within the archives. Millennia later, the Holocron remained hidden as Odan-Urr had left it, undisturbed deep in the heart of Ossus, which had been abandoned by the Jedi Order ages earlier. Jedi Force Levitator — Now Star Wars fans can magically suspend and kedi objects in mid-air just like a real Jedi, using an golocron electrostatic force.