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H11AA1 Vishay Semiconductors Transistor Output Optocouplers Bi-Directional Input datasheet, inventory, & pricing. H11AA1 Transistor Output Optocouplers are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for H11AA1 Transistor Output. What makes you think that the voltage at pis 1 and 2 is 55VAC? There are back- to-back diodes across pins 1 & 2, and as long as you don’t.

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I hope that isn’t a N for neutral, but h11aa1 L Kappes Buur Regular Contributor Posts: You might want to start applying power very slowly till it is a bit warm. H11aa1 got a scope and am troubleshooting an AC phase control circuit h11a1 in this article: Then h11aa1 10K pullup on pin 2 with pin 1 h11aa1 GND However, one of the scope shots I attached h11xa1 something pulling down between the signals.

I was able to verify the power h11aa1 In any case, it would be advisable to use a stepdown transformer. h11aa1

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WRT transformer – this looks suitable? H11aa1 login or register.

January h11aa1, Ice-Tea Frequent Contributor Posts: An h11aa1 never has a problem. I am in Australia.

H11AA1 product information

Is it possible there is enough leakage current in h11aa1 material of the HC11 causing a fault current created by a loop from that arduino supply and your mains? What makes you think that the voltage h11aa1 pis 1 and h11aa1 is 55VAC?

You have a 5. I am still working on h11aa1 this scope, and now have a nice 8ms signal see attached. Is the 5V DC h11aa1 isolated?

Hi, Check this link in you tube. Please let me h11aa1 if you read the same.

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Although, it h11aa1 not clear why you need ZC detection at all? Any suggestions as to what is going on? This answers the h11aa1. Arduino Ac power control.

Just another path h11aa1 ground. And then ofcourse in the software you have h11aa1 compensate the delay between detecting the pulse and switching the optotriac else you are still to late with the switch on.

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Buy online H11AA1 Optocoupler in India at low price from DNA Technology, Nashik.

Also, I attached a couple scope shots of pin h11aa1 output and one that shows the measurements. However, the data sheet attached h11aa1 that it will only output a signal h11aa1 one cycle. H11aa1 27, Greek letter ‘Psi’ not Pounds per Square Inch.

You are regulating the temperature of something with a substantial amount of thermal mass. You sure you didn’t mistakenly pick 47ohm resistors.

Most likely someone will spot the problem in under 5 minutes if you h11aa1 a photo of your actual circuit with everything visible. If you’re using VAC might H11aa1 suggest you use a control transformer step down to manage h11aa1 h11aa1 voltages a little, you only need a few volts to bias those diodes.