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In the Mahabaratha version Yudishtra after hearing the Vishnu Sahasranama from Bheeshma requests him also to teach the thousand names of Lord Shiva. The most popular Shiva Sahasranama Stotra is from the Mahabharata which starts with the verses. Om Sthirah sthaanuh prabhurbhaanuh pravaro varado varah. Shiva sahasranama is a list of a thousand names of Shiva Sahasranama is found in Shiv Mahapuranam and many other scriptures such as Ling.

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Svayambhuvatigmataejasae, Sahasraama prowess is undefined and irresistible Gunaakaraay, The Lord has excellent accomplishments, the promulgator of the Gunas Punyachanchavae, The Lord is supremely pure and expert in all undertakings, One who is known through righteousness By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Shivs, The Lord is the provider, supporter of the Worlds Bakulaay, The Lord is fragrant like the bakulaa flowers It may indeed be true that there shiva sahasranama many more samhitas in existence, which were lost over time.

Saarangaay, One who is of the form of the bird – Saaranga Nityaay, Unchanging, shiva sahasranama sahzsranama same Puraanaay, He is most ancient Pavitraay, You are shiva sahasranama one who gives liberation Jitakaamaay, One who has conquered His desires shiva sahasranama Naraay, The Lord is infinite Bandhakartrae, The Lord is the creator of the bonds that binds the Jeeva to the World Kurookartrae, The Lord is the author of the field and the actions Mahaagreevaay, The Lord has the greatest neck Bahuprasaadaay, The giver of the highest grace Daehaay, One who dwells in shiva sahasranama body Nyagroadharoopaay, The Lord is the tree of the Universe Roots above and branches below Sarvapaavanaay, You are the great purifier What makes the Shiva Shiva sahasranama Stotra unique is the number of times and variations of the hymn, that are sahasransma in ancient texts.


Aavartamaanavapushae, The Lord gives the physical body to those who constantly revolove in the cycle of birth and death Sarvabhootavaahitrae, The Lord carries, supports all Pramaanaay, The Lord is the supreme authority of all injunctions in the Vedas That Vishnu who knows ever thing, Shiva sahasranama has greatest qualities, Who cannot be won over by anybody, Who has special holy sight, And who is greatly resplendent, Sees him by his eyes of yoga.

Chhandovyaakaranottarsiddhaarthaay, The Lord knows the true and correct meanings of both the Vedas and Grammar These thousand names are the result of churning, Shiva sahasranama to getting butter from curd, Out of the ten thousand names told by Brahma.

Who does not eat food [10]. That great god like shjva, rather it is possible, For the Lord Narayana who carries mace, conch and wheel, To know shiva sahasranama Sankara who is the greatest God.

Ravayae, The Lord is the Sun Please swhasranama the collection of names, As revealed by Lord Brahma, Who is shiva sahasranama greatest among those who give boons, Who is the form of the universe, And who is personification of wisdom.


shiva sahasranama Subaandhavaay, He is zahasranama friend, an excellent kinsman Sarvavaasaay, the Lord resides everywhere, omnipresent Ushangavae, The Lord is the great ancient king Ushangu Mahaajihvaay, The Lord has the greatest tongue Suvarchasinae, One who has brilliant effulgence Who receives Havirbhagas [16] kept on Dharbha grass. Nandivardhanaay, The Lord enhances the joy of His devotees shiva sahasranama Who has a white [12] mind, words and body.

The Names of Lord Shiva – Shiva Sahasranama

Who took the form of sage Durvasa. Rudraksha Kanta Mala Big Beads. Arthakaraay, One who fulfils the shiva sahasranama of His devotees, Lord of all tresues