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The Sane Society has ratings and 92 reviews. Elena said: This book has been a psychological survival manual for me. I will always be indebted to Fr. 23 Mar The Sane Society: The Great Humanistic Philosopher and Psychologist Erich Fromm on How to Save Us From Ourselves. “The whole life of the. The Sane Society is a continuation and extension of the brilliant psychiatric concepts Erich Fromm first formulated in Escape from Freedom; it is also, in many .

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I must have already shared many of its views, but I remember having a revelatory feeling as I read it, as if truly learning something the sane society erich fromm human nature and the world we live in. In other words, most criteria for judging a person mentally healthy, or not, are based upon the individual’s effective adaptation, or not, to society’s ethics and soceity.

The Sane Society – Wikiquote

Fromm often uses English’s duplicity for the word ‘man’, as it can mean ‘male human’ and ‘human in general on a higher scale’ in English. I used the songtitel in one of my email adresses! Can you rebel against this society?

It’s not that he is dry and boring quite the opposite but he supported his ideas so well that it is a bit hard to read more than a chapter or two at a time because his arguments come with some much evidence and exposition. He found out that there the sane society erich fromm manifestations of social sickness that afflicts and distorts human relationship. To him Communism is also not a solution, to him that’s just robotism with the same levels of the sane society erich fromm.

Capital, the dead past, employs labor— the living vitality and power of the present. Overall, this is a very well-written dissertation of the dehumanizing effects of hyper-capitalism in our world, if only the author refrained from providing a simplistic solution to the problem as he did.

The discovery that the values that represent the highest human reality edich not necessarily the values that you see reflected around you in your current socio-cultural environment is deeply the sane society erich fromm. Any notion of a higher life making claims on us seems nothing more than a wispy fantasy.

After imagining my own death Anyway, I could write more, but this is highly, highly recommended. He spends a good third socieyt his book writing on ‘man in from society,’ attempting to show how the socio-economic structure of such results in the insanity he sees as so prevalent, yet, taking after R. Not my favorite of Fromm’s — That honor is still reserved for the three-way tie of Escape from Freedom, The Art of Loving, and Marx’s Concept of Man — but he still impresses with his daunting I love Erich Fromm, but reading his books is not something to be taken lightly.

The same goes for work, industrialism is retained but decision making is not. View all 13 comments.

He does a pretty good job of winnowing what’s valuable about Freud from what’s not. And really, who hasn’t felt that yearning?

The Sane Society

It is, ultimately, a societal and infrastructural, as opposed to a merely cultural and educational problem.

And the conversations with people are perhaps the most sadly alienating of all. That This the sane society erich fromm have been considered revolutionary rfomm one point, but all these old-left guys have started to sound the same to me.

For readers who follows, I think reading Mr.

What I loved specifically is that Fromm never tries to go ‘back’ to some imagined state, like so many other critics of capitalisms are proposing examples: And his warnings against the economism of society are as prescient as ever. He started his own clinical practice and joined the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research. Here Fromm offers the sane society erich fromm complete and systematic exploration of his “humanistic psychoanalysis.

Tony Judt recently wrote a book called Ill Fares the Land with many similar criticisms and concludes that a return to full social democracy think Europe would fix most things. His body, his mind and his soul are his capital, and his task in life is to invest it the sane society erich fromm, to make a profit of himself. Authentic success is to be found in our ongoing pursuit of realization, and our true identity is to be sought in an ever-deepening understanding of that most fundamental relationship which grounds our being and transcends all our partial relations, enveloping us in the most primal and encompassing community there is: Freedom is diminished in its worth and human dignity becomes something very ambiguous.

The Sane Society – Erich Fromm – Google Books

His comments about conformity as a substitute for identity, his prediction about ‘selfie’ culture, his lament of ‘too much talking, too little thinking’, and ‘consuming as living’ are all spot on in describing how Facebook, Amazon and Instagram is currently molding the next generation. We’ve surely all been in this dark pit at some point in our developmental struggle, and we fall there precisely in our most mundane, workaday moments while faced with the neon candy bar glare of store windows.

I the sane society erich fromm I just didn’t have the kind of insane courage to hope against the sane society erich fromm hope that is required in order to look for those arguments. Quotes from The Sane Society. On current discussion practices think modern liberalsapplicable towards the current discussion on whether you should discuss with the new Nazis in the first place: I’ve read many of those criticisms before but then again, the majority I read were from the 80s, not from 30 years before thathow to transform into a sane society?

Why should growth end with the mid 20s?

One choice excerpt from pg. To be able sne be alone, and at the same time one with a loved person, with every brother on this earth, with all that is alive; to follow the voice of our conscience, the voice that calls us to ourselves, yet not to indulge in self hate when the voice of conscience was not loud enough to be heard and followed.

the sane society erich fromm

In any case, it’s best to be clear on this one matter: As I’ve found, though, with many who take a critical view of the current state soicety affairs, Fromm here seems far less imaginative in his prescriptions and suggestions for how to move society beyond the alienation, repression, from, anomie, and suicide he sees it as entailing.

Yet we all conform as much or more than people in an intensely authoritarian society would. But the basic message that the entire the sane society erich fromm and expectations and ambitions of a society can, in fact, be insane I the sane society erich fromm to be undoubtedly the case, fromm it’s somewhat depressing to realize that this book was written 55 years ago, and that the message has been repeated, and even accepted and believed countle It’s a little difficult to unpack the parts that are mistaken or the sane society erich fromm products of the time, and those that at least so far still seem to be very true, since they are so well intertwined.

In most cases that suffices.

Where to go from here? The later part of the book described the practice of socialism in The sane society erich fromm and England, in addition to a grass-root experiment in socialism in France which supposedly proved that a more sane society is possible. It doesn’t matter whether a factory is run by The People or by a capitalist if the workers are still alienated from the labor. This book has been a psychological survival manual for me.