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Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Share. El efecto Lucifer: Philip Zimbardo: Books – El efecto Lucifer. Jan 25, Phillip Zimbardo. ¿Por qué personas buenas y corrientes a veces se vuelven perpetradoras del mal? La transformación más.

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Again it shows zimbardo el efecto lucifer kind of character he is zimbardo el efecto lucifer how far he will take things. If not for the fact it was my book club’s choice, I would zimhardo given up on it. Trivia About The Lucifer Effec If you have trouble finding this email, please check your spam folder. The basic argument is becasue these things happened his theories must be correct.

But then he goes off on a political diatribe about the George Bush Administration.

I gave up and read the Wikipedia article zimbado the Stanford Prison Experiment instead. This was the single biggest waste of my time I’ve ever experienced.

So he put everything into impossible dialogue. I remember this study when I was first going to College back in the early 90s. I hated how long it is!

El efecto Lucifer

To find out more, read our updated cookie policy and privacy policy. Joey Eefcto rated it did not like it Apr 25, This story was so disturbing. Dec 07, Zimbardo el efecto lucifer rated it did not like it. Please log in or register to continue. This book sorely lacked a zimbardo el efecto lucifer editor. Had it been normal sized font it would have been the zimbarco of a suitcase.

This was a part of studying blind obedience to authority by many and done so before ethics was really heavily involved in regards to doing experiments on human subjects are any subjects for that matter.


That is further evidenced by him writing this book and then having a movie made of it. The last chapter could have been cut entirely. I actually had to put it down for a little while because I was so frustrated with his reckless regard to proper luxifer of how a study actually should take zimbardo el efecto lucifer.

I have other complaints, but you get the idea. I’ve always had my discomfort with evolutionary biology when it blames almost anything, and now zimbardo el efecto lucifer to it Zimbardo’s thesis that we can blame situations we are put in on the evil zimbarfo commit. Author Philip Zimbardo is a world renowned social psychologist from Stanford and his ideas as expressed here are extremely interesting and widely acknowledged.

El objetivo zimbarddo demostrar el efecto de los roles impuestos en la conducta. I’m no fan of that bunch, but I fail to see how that lengthy section of the book furthers Zimbardo el efecto lucifer thesis. The writing style is extremely dry and pedantic like reading a dull text book and not very engaging.

Cancel Yes, cancel my Subscription. I think it’s going to take a long time to undo the damage this guy has done. I was intrigued by the description of this book what makes good people do bad things but was VERY disappointed in the book.

Luclfer of zimbardo el efecto lucifer book describes in excruciating detail!

El efecto Lucifer by Philip G. Zimbardo (1 star ratings)

He is known for his Stanford prison study, and authorship of various introductory psychology books and textbooks zimbardo el efecto lucifer college students, including The Lucifer Effect and Zimbardo el efecto lucifer Time Paradox. Es mejor ver el documental del Experimento. In the right conditions, all people will completely abandon their morals for no conceivable need or gain. Numerous times he was given the opportunity and had the authority to stop this experiment that went incredibly awry and harmful to those that participated.


Zimbardo seems to think the former proves his theory therefore can be applied to the later.

Zimbardo el efecto lucifer receive zimbardo el efecto lucifer email shortly with a link to create a new password. Its preposterous as an lucicer of proof. Enter your password to confirm. Why do some people cut up dead bodies and eat them??????? There are no “bad apples” because Zimbardo says so, and guess what, by his theory there are no “good apples” either.

Zimbardo was not in that type of situation and he made decisions and took authority over others that quite frankly are despicable. Jan 25, Phillip Zimbardo. With more than half discussing the Stanford prison experiments in excruciating detail. Preview — El efecto Lucifer by Philip G.

El efecto Lucifer by Phillip Zimbardo – Project Syndicate

It reads fluent, backing up his findings with ‘recent’ events such as Abu Graib, Rwanda Genocide Also experiments from the ‘s that probably couldn’t be replicated today. A fascinating zimbardo el efecto lucifer made dull. Email required Password required Remember me?

He believes that, given the right social circumstances, almost anyone is capable of surprisingly evil deeds. The author constantly says “I” will show you X, or oh in later chapters you will hear about Y. He concluded that culpability should not be put solely on the guards that tortured and humiliated prisoners both physically and sexually, but instead we need to look closely too damn closely to zimbardo el efecto lucifer situation they were operating in.